unworthy of anyone’s effort?

Perhaps I am too predictable
possess boredom 
which kills exciting avenues 
potential stalemate at the gate
maybe I pressed the latch
obnoxiously one too many times
and it’s now dismantled
disinterest gummed the gear
and foolishness may only scream  
if I push on the handle now
I think the drapes brushed the window
a slight hint indicating 
I am not wanted at this moment’s entrance 
I suppose I should be use 
to this experience of friendship 
am I just not worthy of anyone’s effort?
Never am I well prepared nor 
gracefully embrace such hurtful things


11 thoughts on “unworthy of anyone’s effort?

  1. It’s horrible to feel like this and you certainly deserve all the best life has to offer. I hope you will see a beautiful change soon, a miracle or some kind. Your worth so much M, you are……

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  2. A terrible question to ask of one’s self, posed in such painful observations. A piece like this makes you question your own life and your own worth but the words used and thr way it’s presented is so gentle. It’s wonderfully introverted and has great powers to resonate

    As to the important question of worth… yes, yes you are!

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