a day quite bizarre…

This day has been bizarre. Most of it happened from the confines of my bed. My day off and I am not shy about relaxing. A few hours to myself in my bedroom, which in reality is a sanctuary!
videos on repeat that stole my heart
singing (not well) 
dancing strain away
and my beautiful girls talking about the books they’re writing on wattpad 
and they all 3 stalking a boy on social media to make sure he is not acomplete douche  because he is texting my 14 🙄
and discussing the movie “16 candles” which we watch all the time and my girls talking about how they all have a crush on the character Jake Ryan which is weird since I was 15 when that movie premiered and gawd he was gorgeous to me 30+years ago
and how friggin’ cool is it that I spent 2 hours with my 3 teen girls laughing  and sharing the same space.  Talking about 50000 different topics because my gosh they have so much to share and talk about…
and now my sanctuary quiet again
my heart feeling love and pulsing
and how I wish to tell him of my bizarre day…
and yet I hesitate 
why do I feel its fragile

this path to him
connection to him

if only to ask him Why


7 thoughts on “a day quite bizarre…

  1. It’s because you don’t want to lose him. Afraid to even breathe wrong I’m sure. As if even a sigh will somehow break the spell and he could potentially evaporate completely.

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