I was made for this…

I am through with this cold coat
dress me in silks and seas
stay here still
bring thy sweetest air
my pleasure sings of
beautiful tempest springs
you untame me
with a mere glance
breath of fire come touch
I was made for this
die a thousand winters deaths
only to rise a wild warmth anew
again and again
until thy claiming
until you come
until you remove my winter coat darling
undress my darkest sun
take hold my passions faire
I was made for this
I was made for this
with abandon 
for a thousand years of seasons…
do you see
I was made for you


4 thoughts on “I was made for this…

  1. Exhausted and wanting far more, this piece is stark and honest. It’s very easy to attach yourself to, knowing you were meant for better but have yet to be rewarded.
    It’s a gentle cascade describing emotions of simple and unapologetic desire. It’s beautiful and a dream we all aspire to


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