intimate spaces in between…

I’ll leave you be love
where’s the synergy 
the desire
the need
fully present
undeniably slient
the expectations of beauty
comes scarce anymore
have we almost died out
from too much burning in my heart 
it is forgetting to hope
I’ve been here awhile 
in this crashed mountain 
battered flesh
deep dark bruising 
cold its constant coat
winter blue anymore
I miss my summering space
when I was alive and sweltering
tan hips knew to rise
to greet the sun’s kiss
a fountain of honey flowed
my lips felt sweeter 
my fingertips hungry
such eagerness in my pen
and you tasted all of me

Perhaps I must 
leave you be love
yet know though
nowhere would I rather be
then intimately in you 
and in every space in between

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