my writing space tonight….

I have slowly been getting my writing space in order. I am happy so far although there are a few things I want to change and few more things I need to complete. I need to reupholster my writing chair, so currently I’m searching for the right fabric. I will be doing it myself because lets face it getting an old chair reupholstered, you need to take out a small personal loan 🙄. 

My space will always be evolving but for now…this week it looks as this. 

13 thoughts on “my writing space tonight….

    1. It is a long time coming
      Finally realizing that I am a much better woman when I love myself a little…and this space is loving myself a little 🙂

      Can’t wait to see you get it friend! It is about time you start loving yourself too!

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      1. Oh I lovevmyself, just stick with 39 other dudes right now. Love the csndle, I love candles. My Living Life Well post tomorrow will be just about this subject!

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      2. Yes. And I love incense, not the cheap crap. The stuff you can get at New age stores. If you want the very best oils and incense look up Maroma, they are out of India. You can order directly at I think. You’ll love me for that😉

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    1. I love creating it… it is far from finished and i always change things up. I knew to get through this year of following through on my project i needed this-peaceful-blissful-quiet-all-mine-space!

      If your space is comfortable for you and it brings you contentment to be in it, then it should as is! 😆

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