restless blush…

this reslessness invades every pore

i am wired and pulsing


when want exceeds want

you are far away and hardly far

snaking my innermost being

so alive

a pinpoint of heat to my sex

and fever to my blood

you stealing my breath and thoughts

repeated 3 second flashes

in a mind control experiment

you undress me in silence

this gorgeous force

ancient light in my soul

rushing red inside my chest

stalking my breast

raising suspicion

in my escaping moan

i am covered in shades of you

tastes as silk

and nude pale blush



One thought on “restless blush…

  1. Breathless crush…
    Each depth inhaled felt
    Making me melt
    Restless, so lush
    Are your words, whispered, or screamed
    Flirtily ever with desire effervasceous, yet, clever
    Or, is the mutual adore, forever asking more
    A pert pertinent fire, so capacious, wet…forever?


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