sunlight of humans…

I sit in here in the sun

letting its energy surround me

the smile across my lips is soft

like the sunlight itself falling upon my skin

how gentle I feel in sunlight

its heat healing my weariness

I think of its magnitude

the power behind the rays

its brilliance

its fire

its energy to give life

its ability to kill

we are not so unlike the sun

consider it

the next time you lay across someone’s skin with heat

the next time you take your light away from someone

the next time you raise your power against another

we give life

we kill




15 thoughts on “sunlight of humans…

  1. hi there , Beauty from ashes , I just came across with your poems and site , and decided to following you . Your poems are so nice . I am new at this site and searching to know poetry from other people . Take care and God bless you.

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