unapologetically…be you

Sometimes you just need to get out of your



unleash dread

let go of what’s said

sometimes you just need to release the emotions you


lightly or bold

new or old

enlighteningly told

sometimes you need to

step up

step towards

step back

step away

come stay

come around some other day

sometimes you just need to





and all the time you need to

be you

become new

be your soul’s purpose


be spiritual truth

be unapologetically you


5 thoughts on “unapologetically…be you

  1. this is gorgeous, inspirational and I just adore the rhyme scheme. Beautiful piece.

    I try to live by this ideal, it’s difficult when I flip from eccentric me to the other guy but I can’t be anyone else.
    Being unapologetic is key, you have to live and find your own space. Some find it easy to fit in some don’t. It’s thr ones that don’t that are far more fascinating creatures who just need that little push and support to calm themselves and simply live.

    I do really like this!!

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    1. I am so glad Cameron. Thank you again for such great comments. It inspires me. We all need a little catayst to start living… we must remember that fear and doubts hold us back from being who we truly are1 we all need some form of union or community, or collective to help us thrive. But I am finding when I am comfortable in my own skin, very little can hold me back!

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      1. Well I’m happy to inspire!

        I live under fear and doubts a lot. I try not to but I’m way fragile. I’m driven but I can get knocked of course a lot. I keep trying though so at least that’s something.


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