breath of life…



*pic from bing images

There is this existence of you

entwined in rays of light

somehow in silence

in stillness

you linger

an unknown air

all encompassing

as if I have yet to be

yet to breathe 

until you…





you are slivers of art

and sensuous parts

to my whole

silently I sweep fingers

over my heart

 feeling every temptuous beat

this breathing thing deepens

you hold ransom my lips

as I imagine

you will be found home

pressed against them

left…even though he’s 2 feet away

How much more will
I be stripped of
I am alone inside this globe
just a cat behind bars pacing
and running out of air 
no warm mother’s milk to soothe
No gentle arms to cradle 
desolation; rock it all away
Left abandoned in this mess
his lack of action holds
a thousand fuck you’s
there is nothing to recapture 
when a partner leaves
you to toil alone and laughs
in your face when you’re in 

its only toxic anymore…

yet, you…

I feel the mend

time bending

as it reaches for me

an awakening that

no one can quite hear

yet, you…

in intimate stillness

in nestled healing

is where I also form

tomorrow doesn’t reveal itself

we shouldn’t beg for it

only sway in this moment

as passion and beauty unfold

open with abandon

where we become




*pic my own (me altered)
I understand yet can not escape
lies fall so easily into the mind
of this human voice 
they’ve been here awhile 
these marred thoughts
buckling my heart
wounds my soul tries to stitch
I was always fresh prey
for the venomous tipped tongues 
of the unfeeling 
unfeminine they leave me
my lace long ripped and dirty
masked eyes lowered 
lipstick stained mouth bleeds
all these tainted parts 
etched underneath my skin
no one knows the depth
of my oceans
nor the existence of ruins


What calls me
to take my mind away
I don’t recognize anything inside me anymore
this displacement of air
heaviness in my chest
I still breathe
yet weariness is my shade
black and blue
no longer in the know of my body
twists and turns
lock me up
steal my former curves
maybe I am the pupa
dreaming of blooms in the wild field
freedom is blurred in this praire wind
the sun still finds me
golden tongue warms my skin
traces the skeleton of my wings
rememebering me
yet becoming me…
transforming breath


I was never anything

so murderous

until i slipped out of my clothes

gently fell each piece to the floor

bare and daring

I gave myself

over and again

again and again

whatever I was looking for

it never came

with pink lips and

breathless sighs

I was never anything

as murderous as me!




Cut out love…

Green is the color of the heart chakra…I am currently researching the chakras… how imbalances are created, the symptoms/results of imbalance, and ways to heal them!

*picture from bing images (color altered)
there was 
no way he
could ever
realize the war
that was
her heart
or how it feels
to cut it out
of her chest
and hand it
to him…
the one who
doesn’t care to
hold it