random writing…

*often I just sit and start writing. Letting the words come with no intention of making a  point. I refer to it as waterfall of words, emotions, etc,…just letting it flow and end where it may. This is such a post. LOL

We often come to a crossroads in our life and there are years where we can linger in the dirt. Arid is our atmosphere and we toil under the sun, watching for the storms brewing in the distance, chant for rain, pray for reprieve. Sometimes there is nothing in our field of vision, nor words that soften our land. Storms come and we lay unprotected, pelted and left raw in the elements. In those years sometimes we are called upon to lay dormant, be patient and wait.  We don’t always listen though and we create more negative energy that takes even longer to heal from. I have been at that crossroads for quite sometime. Mired in my pain and grasping at unhealthy doors that have brought delay and more heartache. Awhile back I screamed for mercy. I began to let go of expectations, yet still my mind, so use to creating them, I still desire certain outcomes and with that comes disappointment.  I know healing has begun and it has taken me awhile to adjust to the light, to see color beyond the gray, and definitely a little more heartache has come along the pathway.

You  may notice my writing has been sparce and strange. It too seems foreign to myself, weird and almost plain in comparison to what I have been writing for the last couple of years. Part of me is mourning that ache and beauty of lost love and the dark writing. For a long time I had felt quite beautiful in my pain. Perhaps that exploration of my dark side was/is the lesson. I needed to dive and stay growing in my hurt and pain, and at times,  in misery to understand my duality (yin and yang). To awaken to the light that has always been inside of me. This is not to say my dark is no longer, quite the opposite, I still feel it wanting to surface, to be heard, but I think it is part of my ego screaming for attention. I am certain dark will remain in parts of my writing. It is just a part of understanding the human psyche, consciously though I am choosing not to stay in the dark.

I am moving forward, i feel at this moment with limited visibility, yet with trust and faith that where I am headed is where I am meant to go, be, become. It is not without separation  or heartache, and loss though… I am aware and understand this strong pull to leap though. I recognize also that dark and light are both beauty deep within my soul and live inbetween here and there



6 thoughts on “random writing…

  1. Our writing both reflects and changes our emotions. Its part of how we heal i think. We all slip into dark times but seeking the light guides us… Keep up your great work 😊

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  2. Ahahaha… I read that intro like it was the intro to law and order. brilliant!

    The crossroads is a hard place to be. still too close to the aches and still not close enough to the… erm… makes? sorry I tried to find a rhyme and failed. bad Cameron.

    I feel like I live there constantly not sure which way I’m going.
    As long as you keep writing and expressing what’s in your heart you’ll find the right path. Just keep being brave and testing yourself. We’ll be here to read love and support!

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    1. Lol you rhymed…its all good. I think the trick is to just start walking and embrace the journey…not stay stagnant. Yes be brave and that is hard at tomes stepping out of your comfort zone. I need to do that. Cuz my zone is not so comforting as I would like to think. 😁

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      1. That should me goal one. find your comfort and then it’s easier to find bravery. Have someone safe and cozy to return to makes exploding with passion and potential that bit less daunting.


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