it is moments as these

I am falling further away

felled pile of ruins

my chest caves and my heart unstiches itself

every stretch mark across my womb aches

a reminder of love carried

yet emptied is the state of me

when am I not failing

when will I become worthwhile

long is my life still to live

and far too long to be nothing beautifully measured

  only ever cut by everyone




rather you didn’t settle here

you only keep me far from abundance

my opened heart; understands

far beyond earthly limitations

deadly this mind;

3D prisoner



silence existing…

you are the silence

may I never breathe in any other noise

let us keep our place there

where we are the roar of waves

ageless ebb and flow

undeciphered by any other

locked on & intertwined

coded pieces of home

you are earth holding my water

 the expanse of air to my flame

searching no other

only you will understand

the drops of love existing

within this silence




a certain keeping…

why should she resist

resonating within her heart

he is risk luring her to leap

yet, hesitation borders the edge

where silence pulls her mind

want & ache propel her veins

dread is not her cloak

nor fear her religion

only he, a lighted sky; aflame

revolution of wildfire storms

as love touches the boundary of skin

beautiful scars lay permenant underneath

blood rushes

breath flows

earth consistenly shifts

sensuous years left spinning; still unknown

time an ever-revolving mystery

and our love…

a certain keeping

slipping us into the deep

we, a whisper away




Violence & Violet of my Veins…

I let it all fall away

this aged untruth

brittle & cracked 

little bits & pieces blow away

 in every gust of your air

why should I awaken at this time


in unexplainable phenomena 

is any reason necessary…

I must be unafraid

an opened heart

dreaming light

breathing ageless memories

and find you are

the violence and violet

 of my veins


unfolding of softness…

I caress the folds of a rose

velvet alive against my fingertips

my words could never describe

so delicately


of such beauty unfolding


and what of my lips

as they brush against the petals

does the  color transfer

are you witness to softness

tempted to stain

lingering breathless

waiting to remain




sequence of woman…

Could she be anymore feminine than now

holding a tiny mouth to her breast

I dare not disrupt beauty

heart sighs

love beating deeply

a mask I have seen

 I have worn 


pure joy

speaking silence

 a secret language

glance between

mother and child…


I am, still

woman and mother

of dust and energy

water and synchronicity

breath and blood

as stars above

and below the ground

mystery and wonder

cocooned art

love comes first

from within where life grows

and carriers born of that womb

repeat the same sequence…


woman to mother to woman







this afternoon’s (nap) dream…

I dreamt of him again…

I slipped inbetween the sheets

letting the softness comfort me

trying to lay down my weariness

rest my loneliness

sleep away abandonment

I felt the pressure of someone lying down next to me

my eyes frantically searching

yet my view was obstructed

I kept searching more intensely

until finally he was there next to me

watching and smiling

gentle calmness washed over me as my eyes found his

I leaned into him

everything I have ever written in my heart

I spoke to him by pressing my lips to his

the weight of the kiss still lingers

as if we have kissed a thousand times

kissed a hundred-thousand times before

he asked if I had a flame (kind of a weird question)

as he burned his fingers putting out the cherry of a cigarette

I reached for his fingers immediately

as if just my touch could take away the pain

we just stared at each other

with an inner knowing

and just as easily as I slipped into bed

I slid out and started picking up gift bags

surrounding the bed to put items away in the closet

he contentedly laid their watching me…

This beautiful soul enter our world 9 days ago… I have very few words that express the beautiful moment of watching your daughter give birth to her daughter…I am in awe and wonder of human fragility and the strength it takes to bear it…

Meet Adelina Seren… her name means noble star; her eyes confirm it!