behind and inbetween vast spaces…

How many walls have I torn down

only to find more in the dark

I am to blame

my mind built upon layers

each brick a disconnection and protection

blocking playfulness

its been here a long while

this weakening wall

ages since someone took my hand

and lead me someplace unharmful

I question every direction I face

none remotely safe or certain

I accept that

I just wish for warm gentleness

inside this life womb

does a steady hand ever exist within chaos

it’s only a continous flux of starts and stops

beauty and death, growth and quicksand

every fraction of every instance is

a connection to higher purpose

a sleeper no more

yet sleeplessness is harsh and conscious demanding

I suppose my sleeves are wrinkled

and mourning unlimited space

so many lay blame everywhere else

here and elsewhere my heart beats wildly;

dreaming behind and inbetween vast spaces

of his pockets of air; I keep breathing for



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