temporal delicacies

so many emotions triggered

in this life changing event

the dynamics forever altered of what has been

being what is meant to be

I drift in and out dark and light

wondering where this all leads and I know

what I desire and yet I question my sensibilities

why must I deny

push back what I feel

I haven’t forgotten to enjoy

what any moment brings

yet, I pause inside

questioning worth and validity

wondering is it all in my head

I lose sight of trust sometimes and it is painful

every black ribbon of doubt snakes my soul

threatening suffocation

pull me back darling

reach me

I’m drowning here…

and in a second the lilac scent carried in the breeze


the softness it brings through my window

I remember a sensuous smile after a beautiful dream

the wild beating of my heart in a  glance

the slight hesitation before a kiss spawning a thousand worlds

bring me back to delight in such simple pleasures

what remains in this moment is all that I know for certain

and at the moment it is quiet and charming as I think of you

yesterday already spilled out its time

anything yet lived brings us feafulness and distracting expectations

so be here with me in this moment

wading in temporal delicacies





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