this afternoon’s (nap) dream…

I dreamt of him again…

I slipped inbetween the sheets

letting the softness comfort me

trying to lay down my weariness

rest my loneliness

sleep away abandonment

I felt the pressure of someone lying down next to me

my eyes frantically searching

yet my view was obstructed

I kept searching more intensely

until finally he was there next to me

watching and smiling

gentle calmness washed over me as my eyes found his

I leaned into him

everything I have ever written in my heart

I spoke to him by pressing my lips to his

the weight of the kiss still lingers

as if we have kissed a thousand times

kissed a hundred-thousand times before

he asked if I had a flame (kind of a weird question)

as he burned his fingers putting out the cherry of a cigarette

I reached for his fingers immediately

as if just my touch could take away the pain

we just stared at each other

with an inner knowing

and just as easily as I slipped into bed

I slid out and started picking up gift bags

surrounding the bed to put items away in the closet

he contentedly laid their watching me…


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