I am so not political but…

Im sitting here thinking of what this day is for and it has nothing to do with bar b que or beer, but has everything to do with remember those that have sacrificed their lives, their limbs, their mental health, forever changing their family’s landscape so that others may live in freedom.  And so that you can sit in nature, with your family, without constraints, regardless! 

My son is boot camp as i type this, training his body, his mind to prepare for unseen wars… this is so frightening for a mom and yet, i am so very proud of him!

Dont waste his gift…

Don’t waste the gift the fallen have given…

Don’t forget why you can sit in your backyard with barbque and beer…

memorial day…

‪Such consequence spilled‬

‪to lay freedom

at our feet‬

‪& yet, we people

stay imprisoned ‬

‪by our mentality 

of entitlement‬

the shade of my veins…

where have I gone
smoothe the plumes
underneath I am tainted and split
colors brilliantly faded
only still alit by a tiny seed of faith
yet so unsure and faltering…reaching
this pulse ever roiling
rushed and pulled
I feel you hidden among the layers of lifespans
threadbare and paled…written in my viens
stormed; beating and bruised
I am losing breath to find you
peeling back layers and hours
redress me, my love
remember; a thousand times ten thousand we have loved…love
end the sound of vultures hovering
slay the falsehood
uncloak your heart
don’t break me
just come love every shade
you have colored of me

language of a feminine heart…

constant & beating 

what shall I do with her anymore

wasting divine feminine 

silence wrapped around my throat

bleeding an unending rain

rooted in centuries

stretched a thousand years

this heart soaked in red thread

blushed and violent 




so far away; almost home

inside the interlude…

when the cracks have widen

and you wonder of crossing the crevassed heart of a lover

is it any less than faith as you leap

into the unknown marrow

consider the crushing cells of the fall

yet, you swallow the fire and blood

surrender to warmth

trace every cut and scar

 kiss the rough and the smooth of every previous collaspe

and finally when stripped and rioting

you understand

the groans and sighs of time

of every element

and the intricate dance

of love’s unveiling


once existing…

distance stars

where my heart lays in midnight

halcyon light so far off

once stealing my breath

where I fell

unknown and beating

once again

here I am

this faltering voice

laying haunted in silent dust

where erasure begins..

 I  existed


 loved once





lines feathered and muted

rough art inside me anymore

uncertainty blankets my heart

I don’t really fucking care anymore (I try to convince myself)

running sounds sane

yet I won’t escape

I’ve tried to exhale

waiting to be delivered from

every thought and feeling…



I feel

I don’t

I don’t fucking care (silence is convincing me)




wtf ever