I am eve and eden…

Forgive me
I didn’t know my heart was so clumsy
stumbling its way out of the dark
many times I chipped away the broken pieces
I only make it as far as the layer of scales of the asp
I am eve and eden
prying open that one secret chamber
waiting for the breath of life
 to bite into the flesh of aching
injecting hope
but how quickly it fades
 with the truth of me exposed
 it rends me
ends me everytime
I reach
pull back
lay barely breathing
gently stilled
 then rage again
move through the garden
a force of nature
and I burn; wild
fire is my heart
ash my substance; choking love
I thought I could repair my heart
isn’t that what self love should do
mend the aftermath
stitch millennia times millennia of frayed edges
try try try again
I don’t blame the divine
I am a massive messy heart to love…
I don’t want to be as this
a garden unsealed
full of alone
yet, alone only ever stays


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