only here lays countenance…

she is not less

because you don’t

acknowledge her

such a difficult mountain to stare at

such an overwhelming climb

she is just about there

almost to the summit

to greet the sun

which feeds her light to be love and give warmth

for that which she too is deserving

her weak voice and hard will

whispers thank you’s for

all the empty spaces

you’ve placed her in

for how could she discover

she is more than your silence

more than than the dust and

smeared fingerprints on sensitive glass

her prayer to be loved

to love as an all consuming fire

the countenance of pure love

still unanswered…


one day

someone unafraid and unburdened 

 fully realized her worth and willingly

risked everything he ever knew to live

wholly & completely loved by her…

and it was beautiful


(or so the insane story goes…)



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