as you turn from

That i should 

remain as this


a dying light

fear depleating

yet still


This repeating sequence…

Where a faint heartbeat lingers

I am torn by this starting and stopping

perhaps his lover once or for a thousand lifetimes

only silence again repeating

my lost song of another eternity

I no longer exist 


…or here

a sequence of moments 

I fear my darling

we fail to become

extrodinary within her ordinary day…

“there is no pretense to my breathing

or its mere seconds of suspension

when I feel you well up within me…”


There is no other that I choose, and yet how can I live the rest of my years here with a cold loneliness, a void hidden deep within. I, in constant flux of this living and dying. It is like a thousand thieves steal my gentleness and I rage for extraodinary…these winged words fly away and remain uncaptured by him