some kind of wonderful…

I am not breathing


to convince you of me

you already know my darling

I consider where we lay our minds

what our hearts have experienced

this unfolding is worthy

worthy to be written of

spoken of


yet I am only one third

one strand, plaited

I am one star in your sky of a thousand

a spec of real blooming in a field of illusion

but look at me here

perhaps I am trying

trying to convince you of me

but you already know…

remember me

my love


This did not come out as I wanted. I think some parts of me still choose to be hidden. I am not even certain what I was starting to write, or what any of this means, other than I just started writing (but that is typical of my writing process) I believe the seeds are still germinating. Roots are in my heart but the blooms, the stems, the leaves are all sleeping under the surface.

Sunday is a day of rest for me. A day I live under no expectations or duty. I just simply slip into comfort, create this nurturing womb, breathe free, write a river, cry an ocean, laugh and sing a garden. It is beauty evolving and the dying of old layers. I am learning to love myself, take care of this beautiful body that has brought me this far. She deserves to be taken care of and once I put aside all the lies of my mind, I am becoming what I was meant to all along. I am opening…

I have a found a soul family of those who understand what I am currently going through. Putting a voice to this excruciating yet beautful transformation has been so very helpful. I wish I could say I am past all my fears and just write about what I experiencing, but I am not quite there yet. Although, I am clearer now, more certain of myself and my path, and I am living in the moment, just enjoying what is here within me, around me, from me, at any given moment. This doesn’t mean I don’t have dreams or desires, because, OH MY…my desires, my dreams are strong and gorgeously painted in my heart. It just means I am more than ever before in a fantastic place to realize those dreams and desires.

And for the moment, all is well with my soul while I wait. I am in some kind of wonderful…




yet, you…

I feel the mend

time bending

as it reaches for me

an awakening that

no one can quite hear

yet, you…

in intimate stillness

in nestled healing

is where I also form

tomorrow doesn’t reveal itself

we shouldn’t beg for it

only sway in this moment

as passion and beauty unfold

open with abandon

where we become



a waterfall of words…and words spread amongst my ground and grow

Pay attention
pay attention screams
my intuition

soil dry
my soul
long have I 
neglected tilling
too busy trying 
to grow from stone
failing on the outskirt 
I have forgotten
the seeds within
growing things will crack open
spring forth life
from within
uprooting earth 
layering the ground 
not without water,
not without light
having never doubt
it’s  grand design 
flower and bloom 
feed & cover the world 
I neglected my soil
my soul I am unforgivable 
forgetting to love you 
left forgotten
you have only been alone
toiling in the dark
this mind has blocked your sun
and the water of tears only
falls to my pillow 
no more are you
in the shadows
darkened by neglect

dead in weeds 
they can’t feed you
but I can
sweet water can ammend 
adjust postion 
into garden
bee to kiss bloom
to feed
circle our our world 
and others

a moment under your breath….

within nearness of light
you call to me
collapsing every guard
and uncertainty
strength that gathers me
in immeasurable space
do you understand 
the desire of my surrender 
to unlearn everything 
I have known
for one moment 
under your breath
would I then define
exquiste memory 
love unsurpassed 
your subtle command
thunder to my center
you stir midnight
and stars 
inject flames
into my eyes
i burn for you 
i yearn for your favor
hold nothing afar
in time unravel 
your tongue 
release time with me
use your mouth
for i am in need of 
overexposure of you 
in want of your 
deepest height
move above me
beneath my heat
you are like 
no other 
this unknown 
I have yet 
you are a hidden city
in my darkest winter woods
and i drift 
moving towards you
meet me
Beyond your capacity 
do not restrain 
no refrain from
breathing in light
we this energy
currents and rivers

in flight…no turning back; we breathe together into thin air

So often I write with music playing in my ear. Usually its the melody that draws words from me and they find their way up out from my depth… Yet this time the words came before music…from the thin fissure that is opening inside me, a promising light slipping through the crack. It feels as something reminescent of long ago, a timelessness coming clean.
An unfolding that speaks of forever. This that I feel, is not in my head…rather of something deeper.  And so I wrote this and then remembered a song; its melody appropriate for my poem and of course the words befitting. I heard this song (one below) a long while ago. I’ve even written other poems as it played in the background. This time it just speaks to me in a positive light…and it feels like I’m flying 😉


I began to stretch
limbs groaned
releasing disease
of dormancy
dusting off stagnation
fingers smoothed
every stroke brushed back
ruffled roughness

outstretched and opened 
your breath lifts me
above love’s  grave
one glance
     ~he found me surrounded in midnight~
one dare
     ~just come know me~
one word whispered

…and we took to flight

Collaboration: kiss

So last evening I had the privilege to collaborate with a kind gentleman that thought it might be cool to write a poem  with me. I thought absolutely why not! Being that I have never really done this,  I let him take the lead…kissing was our subject and it was actually quite a quick process. So the poem didn’t take long to write. He had no need to edit his portion…Yet I, always editing something 🙄, changed a little on my end! He didn’t mind me being a woman that changes her mind or her words! Hahaha! Thank You
B’s words (bold)
M’s words (italicized)

My tongue dances
gently in your mouth,
my hand grazes
your soft cheek

I open to the ways
of your hunger
my lips full 
craving your verse

My mind is racing
faster than a bullet, 
Aching to slide
my finger in your depths
to feel you moan

Your mouth turning greedy
I understand its movement
its intention 
my back arching, I push into you
as heated moans begins to rise

Fingers are slipping rapidly
the ecstasy is the fire dripping
from your lips as I’m throbbing

trace me
lips willingly aflame
with the tip of desire
fire coming into me 
as my thighs began
to part in anticipation 

My thoughts are in disarray
Only the waves guide me
in whispering in your ear
that I must taste you

I am awaken 
by the breathlessness of you
part me
summon the seas
taste as I bend to your will

My mouth travels
to devour your wetness
Your pleasure
is my treasure

the slowing of time
pressing our need
take your fill
as I spill onto you