an ageless thing…

we spoke of age
and its
truely I believe you 
it doesn’t matter
it is such an ageless thing
a concept only formed to fit 
the rule-makers design
oft in the mind of the 
passionless and disenchated
I, having been one
my own victim 
to my own murderess ways
minimizing my potency
I lost my way for a long while
yet I’m awakened
finding my way back to me

There once was a man…
who wanted me

once upon a sleeper…

you opened my cocooned pod
I felt the ice melting
from my cryogenic sleep
raising my beats
from shunned to shine
I began to upcycle wasted tears
eyelashes coated with stardust 
I braved the idea of possibilites
conquered a black diamond run
one turn at time
I was felled darling
with black dove wings
trying to reach peace
atop your sky…

I don’t know now 
where you are…

til death steals…

cannot fathom such touch anymore
its meaning slit and deleted 
in the h0urs, days, months
lost track 
what is like anymore
in between the heat of thighs
moans and sighs loitering no longer
her youth stolen
her prime unwanted 
do they find pleasure in wasting her
no understanding of their inner working 
perhaps she has known all along
the poetry of being used
tossed aside
so offensive is she? deserving?
and yet she burns evermore
burn baby burn
Til death upon death 
steals this soul’s fire 

less beautifully lived…

The years are evident
the way they conformed to her spine 
the crows feet a reminder of the desert floor she’s been walking through
Her mouth now withered 
the smile faded
the glint in her eyes dying out
she is invisible
touching each one
her magic preformed in fast motion
as each one passes by 
with their gorgeousperfumed skin
taking air with them
stepping in time with fate
and her head bows once again 
at a life less beautifully lived
her aging hands bending 
beyond her control
a deep breath catches in her throat
 as she chokes on sorrow
her lip never ceasing to catch the ocean
spilling from her eyes

sweet death of a rose…

May death be sweet
like that of a dying rose
past her prime
when molecular structure is chaos
and her heart only knows
to fold and shut in

each petal breaks apart from stem
her last vein severed
though her fragrance lingers
her perfume long lay breathing

shall you watch her 
release her frame
this life inside her aching 
to sustain her worth
and to what moment 
does she finally herald
love, let go…
(don’t…not yet)

May her death be sweet
inhale her one last time
achingly embrace her
beautiful loss in goodbye 
yet do not not leave her 
unattended in her decay 
wondering the reason
of her bloom

smelling bleach…removable stain

keep busy 
my brain says
its best
rather than notice
my mind bending 
Wanting to be more important
more Portent
than what i am
and truthfully 
what i am 
is nothing more than
a temporary stain
gently asorbed into a shroud
yet you only need bleach 
to rid of me 
from a washable white veil
once tired of my shade
erasing me
something my heart
rather not become
bleached & erased 
an easy fadeable 
forgotten thing
Yet it’s inevitable 
isn’t it?
I am just not enough 
not the right shade 
of interesting 
heavy is my sigh
my eyes burn
not wanting to notice…

…the scent of chlorine 

…and then, collapseĀ 

As it all falls fatefully 
my hands
no substantial grip
every tiny fleck
slips through my fingers
whatever my heart 
stirs within 
moves towards
…and then suddenly, collapse
of a beautiful thing
Something my heart reads
a lessening chapter
pages crumpled 
achingly piled 
my blood
my breath
my entire being;
gasoline to flame
and an end…
there is always
an end

spill myself…let it all fall away

I toss and turn
restless and sleepless 
I speak to the moon
“watch over my loves”
open my palm
throw kisses
away in flight
they aren’t mine to hold
nor to nestle to my chest
their presence tattooed evermore
tiny microbial fragments linger
fused to my ribs
lining my lungs
cocooned in my heart 
I don’t want to be a suffocator 
I don’t want to be without
I don’t understand anything anymore
other than to let go all my love 
let it fall
give it away…
keep walking alone
spilling myself 
leave a trail
evidence that
I am a someone…