when I

glance at you

with all my humaness

my mind slips into




lies illusion

of all the things

I am/am not…





I am molting
I have no responsivity
this process aches my heart
my words
limit possibility
and my skin
thin and fragile
tears with each letter unwritten
do you know this longing
hiding inside you
my plumes formed
bumps under flesh
waiting to spread
breaking in the dark
pleasure in light
impart summation
we desired whole…
his resting place
to breathe
a sacred mooring
nearer still

    heart like this…heavy  love

    Many hours 
    have I been
    as this 
    trying to lift my love
    out of the slurry 
    of the deeper well
    I have perfected 
    many written blood moons
    phases of a heart like this
    I lay open altered
    slabbed and stuck
    wildfire seeping through
    ripped scars
    my blood runs
    a long trail
    of heavy love

    atom & cell…

    more than anything 
    as she becomes further matter
    as she is more dissected 
    defined particles 
    these atom & cell
    more the less chance 
    of breathing 
    combing into he
    She is feeling loss
    an end before beginning 
    to become he & she 
    A Whole…


    I can’t be here
    not as this 
    too many drops
    per square inch
    in this storm

    I splatter 
    falling to earth
    left run off water
    into the gutter

    that’s where it takes me
    everything I feel
    in the dankest place
    dark and dirty
    sewer swallows my hope

    I am ruptured
    nothing to gather
    except blood in hand
    unfashionable to taste
    dry this rusted color 
    burden hued
    heaviness in your hand
    simply wash it away
    scrub hard…

    yet particles of me will only remain
    as you shake dry your hand
    wipe it across your chest
    parts of me absorb into you
    pretend I am nothing once again…

    but for a breath of a moment 
    I was more…

    more than nothing
    yet not enough 
    to be more…
    not enough to be
    more than anything 
    but ruptured metallic