silence existing…

you are the silence

may I never breathe in any other noise

let us keep our place there

where we are the roar of waves

ageless ebb and flow

undeciphered by any other

locked on & intertwined

coded pieces of home

you are earth holding my water

 the expanse of air to my flame

searching no other

only you will understand

the drops of love existing

within this silence






dark slips through my fingertips

sweetly released

I let go all these melancholy years

unveiled is undeniable love

deeply formed living inside my chest

every breath of you is recorded

and as each petal lives their lifespan

I too, lay gentle in bloom

unfolding you inbetween every layer

 many moments I feel unequipped

with pieces of words caught in my throat

yet, no matter

for you will understand

everything I am

is woven in a glance

a hesitant breath

an unresistant kiss…

where our years and years cleave 

remembering our lips 






you are slivers of art

and sensuous parts

to my whole

silently I sweep fingers

over my heart

 feeling every temptuous beat

this breathing thing deepens

you hold ransom my lips

as I imagine

you will be found home

pressed against them

reunited…and hints of transformative powerful love

It’s thrown

this lifeline

yet, still slightly out of reach

I got you


come rage against the barrier

it’s crumbling

soon returned queen to your king

past lovers

twin flame

long we have come together

beautifully weaved

mysteriously perfect


So much (almost all of it) of my poetry has been of love. The finding of, the breathing in of, the loss of, etc…love. I have for awhile wanted to self-publish a book of poetry, by the urging of a few people close to me and also, by my falling in love with writing in the last three years. It seemed quite natural to progress to the idea of writing a book and I thought, why not!

Yet, it is not as easy as some make it look and I thought for awhile, plagued by self-doubt, that I just wasn’t good enough, and therefore, my inability to move foreward with writing. Every corner I turned was another road block so it seemed. However, I have since found in the past 2 months, I wasn’t blocked as much as I am in the midst of a huge transformation. The aha kind! Which now, I find myself moving very slowly forward with a slight alteration to the idea of a book of poetry. It is still very much poetic and will be my words, and my small voice, yet, with I believe a whole lot of divine intervention at the core. I am excited about this project, eager to get on with it, but as with any idea, any vision, it takes time, and prayer, and meditation, and research.

In my recent research, it somehow has lead me to reading about soulmates and the concept of a twin flame, which many are adamant twin-flame is different from soulmate. Perhaps I came across this topic because it’s February (the month widely associated by man as the month of Love) and also, because my creative project’s main theme is Love. Whatever the reason I came across the subject, it’s a beautiful concept of deeper love, a profound energy of ancient love; drawing one to the other, and quite full of mystical and dreamy design. Heavily laden in the markings of the unknown universe…It is beyond any reasoning in the human mind of today’s world.

My little 5 second poem does no justice to this remarkable ideal of love! But I have had a bit of creative block in the last couple of weeks. Being sick and not sleeping didn’t help either. So the fact that any words came out of this tired brain is good enough for me at the moment.  

beautiful love and glorious light,