gold riot…

I am gold dust anymore

dancing within the wind

wild and uncaring

catch my eyes shining

where only your storm remains

my lips no longer speak

of temptutous devils

their beautiful words

long murdered inside me

i know now

i know dark and light

smoked holes and divine temples

in far away places

my fingers tracing a riot and eternity

and you founded in every space

every line and curve

no other will do

I know now

I know

I know


here I am

and you

 still existing

*For you darling






you take me there
wherever there is
this drugery flees
for a heartbeat or two
I promise you
it’s s not boredom 
that tugs my hair
just the breath of you
or a million more 
changing me 
a drop of you 
turns into a hundred thousand
flooding my sex
this pattern cut
you so easily alter
either perfect
construction in one word
or seams ripped in silence
perhaps that song
you write
the one you hold
in you throat
awaits breathlessly 
eager to brush
against my skin