our soul-tie…

I am more than ruination
the pieces that I am
are whole & complete
as they lay or rise
magnetize truths stored deeply
in the marrow of stars
I choose to bleed
I choose to love
I am more than day & night
more than his thousand years
ruination is not my state
and earth, neither my home


I so beautifully mourn…

I sit here
in morning’s
graying light
orangy pinks
forget to dance
I’ve no absolution
in this dull light
or any other moment
and evident is ache
in my reticent breath
with pale palms
opened & offering
every pulse of my heart
every thought my mind carries
for he; you, my love
I so beautifully mourn…

my soul does wait

I changed it up slightly when I posted this to Instagram for day 1 of  #marchfalls… hosted by Matt and Ashley @fallspoetry


I am molting
I have no responsivity
this process aches my heart
my words
limit possibility
and my skin
thin and fragile
tears with each letter unwritten
do you know this longing
hiding inside you
my plumes formed
bumps under flesh
waiting to spread
breaking in the dark
pleasure in light
impart summation
we desired whole…
his resting place
to breathe
a sacred mooring
nearer still

    unleashed and resonating…

    was it manipulation

    are my thoughts & intentions pure

    if I am in my truth

    my ascension

    then is it not so

    my love too is

    unleashed and resonating

    I have much to consider

    and learn

    and set right within myself

    clarity is treasure

    I won’t doubt

    I won’t be disillusioned…

    dive deep

    come up for air

    be unattenuated

    remain attentive

    understand the  power of breath

    alive and flowing


    unapologetically…be you

    Sometimes you just need to get out of your



    unleash dread

    let go of what’s said

    sometimes you just need to release the emotions you


    lightly or bold

    new or old

    enlighteningly told

    sometimes you need to

    step up

    step towards

    step back

    step away

    come stay

    come around some other day

    sometimes you just need to





    and all the time you need to

    be you

    become new

    be your soul’s purpose


    be spiritual truth

    be unapologetically you

    turn from…alee of him

    the site of his ice blue eyes sweeps over me

    where did he well up from inside

    I buried him a long ago

    and why now

    what triggered him in my chest

    in my head

    my mind feels electric

    I sit here remembering life in those eyes

    as he drifts across memory

    everything he knew of me held in that one glance

    we knew without knowing all those years ago

    and in this second I still feel him breathe

    as if he is near

    yet, muscle memory will know

    to tuck him away

    turn from him

    alee of him

    he fades to black

    his smoke dissipates

    he never came


    sunlight of humans…

    I sit in here in the sun

    letting its energy surround me

    the smile across my lips is soft

    like the sunlight itself falling upon my skin

    how gentle I feel in sunlight

    its heat healing my weariness

    I think of its magnitude

    the power behind the rays

    its brilliance

    its fire

    its energy to give life

    its ability to kill

    we are not so unlike the sun

    consider it

    the next time you lay across someone’s skin with heat

    the next time you take your light away from someone

    the next time you raise your power against another

    we give life

    we kill



    have you considered…

    why do some take their tenderness away

    like a magician disappearing an object (or a human)

    its there and then it’s not

    or at least the illusion of it first being there

    I suppose there are varied reason

    but the one that keeps coming to mind,

    tenderness leaves because giving it

    no longer serves the “self” purpose

    no longer to gain from giving

    Yes, I believe that in many instances

    this tenderness/kindness disappearing act is necessary

    to move beyond being stuck

    or to open oneself for something better

    or to walk away from a negative situation (such as abuse!!!)

    but have you considered

    what if the situation was that the other person or thing

    needed more of your tenderness



    what if the setting aside of the ego

    for the sake of another

    was truly the path needed taking

    what if

    just what if

    the lesson was you had to give

    a little bit more

    or a little longer

    to have not better

    but rather have extraordinary

    >>>>>>this is a hard line to consider<<<<<<

    when to give nor not

    stay or leave

    especially when humans are so self-serving



    So yes, sometimes we must save ourselves


    yet, sometimes the other person

    needed us more

    sometimes they needed our light






    reunited…and hints of transformative powerful love

    It’s thrown

    this lifeline

    yet, still slightly out of reach

    I got you


    come rage against the barrier

    it’s crumbling

    soon returned queen to your king

    past lovers

    twin flame

    long we have come together

    beautifully weaved

    mysteriously perfect


    So much (almost all of it) of my poetry has been of love. The finding of, the breathing in of, the loss of, etc…love. I have for awhile wanted to self-publish a book of poetry, by the urging of a few people close to me and also, by my falling in love with writing in the last three years. It seemed quite natural to progress to the idea of writing a book and I thought, why not!

    Yet, it is not as easy as some make it look and I thought for awhile, plagued by self-doubt, that I just wasn’t good enough, and therefore, my inability to move foreward with writing. Every corner I turned was another road block so it seemed. However, I have since found in the past 2 months, I wasn’t blocked as much as I am in the midst of a huge transformation. The aha kind! Which now, I find myself moving very slowly forward with a slight alteration to the idea of a book of poetry. It is still very much poetic and will be my words, and my small voice, yet, with I believe a whole lot of divine intervention at the core. I am excited about this project, eager to get on with it, but as with any idea, any vision, it takes time, and prayer, and meditation, and research.

    In my recent research, it somehow has lead me to reading about soulmates and the concept of a twin flame, which many are adamant twin-flame is different from soulmate. Perhaps I came across this topic because it’s February (the month widely associated by man as the month of Love) and also, because my creative project’s main theme is Love. Whatever the reason I came across the subject, it’s a beautiful concept of deeper love, a profound energy of ancient love; drawing one to the other, and quite full of mystical and dreamy design. Heavily laden in the markings of the unknown universe…It is beyond any reasoning in the human mind of today’s world.

    My little 5 second poem does no justice to this remarkable ideal of love! But I have had a bit of creative block in the last couple of weeks. Being sick and not sleeping didn’t help either. So the fact that any words came out of this tired brain is good enough for me at the moment.  

    beautiful love and glorious light,